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Our very own media department at Zee Advertising is a powerhouse of creativity and innovation, dedicated to bringing readers captivating and informative publications that cater to a variety of tastes and interests. With a focus on quality content and stunning visuals, our team brings together a unique blend of talent and expertise to deliver standout magazines like Alf Hana, Knight State, and many more. Whether it’s delving deep into the world of food, exploring the latest trends in real estate, or uncovering the latest developments with AI, we offer readers an unparalleled range of insights and perspectives. Each publication is a tantalizing journey of knowledge and inspiration, crafted to engage, inform, and entertain our readers. Welcome to the world of Zee Media- where excellence meets creativity and innovation meets inspiration.

Knight State was conceived and established with the mission to be the Middle East’s go-to source for specialized news on the real estate and construction markets. Through diligent market analysis and a plethora of resources, we aim to provide our clients and sponsors a central hub for all things real estate. Whether to check the latest trends in sustainable architecture in Cairo or to find your next vacation home off the coast of Jumeirah, Knight State covers the whole region for you, so you can let your fingers do the walking.

Alf Hana is a daily digest representing the culinary treasures of the Middle East in bite sized chunks and full feature reports. Through discovering the unique flavors and the latest trends in Middle Eastern kitchens, we bring you the latest and greatest in dining, cooking, and everything food related.